Curious Incident

‘Astonishing and Unmissable.’

Sunday Express

‘A beautiful, dazzlingly inventive show about the wonders of life.’

Evening Standard

‘Magical and Moving.’

Daily Mail

‘Life-affirming and Unmissable.’

Time Magazine

‘Believe the buzz. Spectacular and triumphant.’


Curious Cast: See Your World Differently

We caught up with some of the Curious Incident cast to find out how being in The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time has changed the way they see the world.

Has being in The Curious Incident changed the way you see the world?

Sion Daniel Young smallSion Daniel YoungYes. For many reasons. Patience has been my best education from this play.


Indra Ove smallIndra OveWhen I travel through London I constantly think about Christopher’s journey through London and how overwhelming it is for him. It makes me much, much more aware of the speed, pace and noise of our lives and how little we observe and how much people with autism see and take in.

Jacqueline Clarke smallJacqueline Clarke -I believe that autism should be accepted as a difference and not treated as a disorder – so yes – being in ‘Curious’ has changed my understanding of my fellow man.


mark rawlings smallMark RawlingsI have become more patient with people as a whole.



Mary Stockley smallMary StockleyNot sure about the world but I am keen to acquire a deeper conceptual understanding of maths. This I thought would never happen – I was not a fan at school!


Naomi Said SmallNaomi Said- Yes – I’m more attuned to ‘patterns’ in the world. I have a heightened awareness of how judgemental people can be, but the joy of trying to see the world as others do.


Nick Tennant smallNick TennantTolerance is the most important thing. Tolerance and patience, which are both in short supply.



Pearl Mackie smallPearl MackieI think it has made me more empathetic and tolerant of difference in the world and interested to see how I can help others to open their minds in similar ways.


Sean McKenzie smallSean McKenzieI embrace everything! I believe in the innate kindness and love of people!



stephen beckett smallStephen BeckettYes – when I see ‘different’ behaviour on the streets of London, I hope I have more sensitivity to it, less fear.

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