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Autism Awareness: The Curious Incident Cast

In honour of Autism Awareness Month, we asked some of the Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time cast how the show has changed their perception of Autism.

How has being involved in The Curious Incident changed your perception of Autism?

Sion Daniel Young small Sion Daniel Young (Christopher Boone)- It’s greatly heightened my appreciation for parents and family members of those on the spectrum and has made me realise that there’s joy to be found whatever the circumstances.


Indra Ove smallIndra Ove (Ensemble)- It’s shown me how broad and wide the spectrum is. What a brilliant and fascinating take people with autism have on the world.


Jacqueline Clarke smallJacqueline Clarke (Ensemble)- I was aware that autistic people had behavioural problems, but having had the good fortune to be in this wonderful play, my understanding is that autistic people have a disability in how they communicate and how they relate to other people. They share certain difficulties but their condition will affect them in different ways.


mark rawlings smallMark Rawlings (Ensemble)- I was quite naïve prior to the immense amount of research during rehearsals, I am very ‘spectrum’ aware now.


Mary Stockley smallMary Stockley (Judy, Christopher’s Mum)– Predominantly, it has changed my perception of parenting a child with autism. I have the utmost repsect and admiration for their fortitude and inner strength. Both of which Judy struggles with in Christopher’s early life.


Naomi Said SmallNaomi Said (Ensemble)- It’s hit home how challenging it is for the individual and their family. It’s very hard for everyone. I’ve realised how important teachers are in a person’s development and how uniquely they experience the world. The special talents autism brings as well as challenges and the level of specialist support needed and understanding.


Nick Tennant smallNick Tennant (Ed, Christopher’s Dad)- Yes, a huge amount. I was pretty ignorant of what it was before I started the show. The common ‘rain man’ perception I know now is such a generalisation. We are all on the spectrum to some degree. The world is a very complicated place for some people to negotiate.


Pearl Mackie smallPearl Mackie (Ensemble)- I knew very little about autism before joining the cast of ‘Curious Incident’ and the play has opened my mind to the incredible variations between individuals with autism and just how broad the spectrum actually is. I definitely recognise some of Christopher’s personality traits in myself – the precision / perfectionism – and that was a real eye opener.


stephen beckett smallStephen Beckett (Ensemble)- Completely. It begins to make sense of the difference. It has afforded me a completely new way of looking at this ‘condition’.


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